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Fliers for our aerial campaign. Pilots are ready to launch!

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The Sound Of Our Brands

When we create our brands, we also create how they sound. An important part of what we want to transmit to our community is the sense of “innovation” and we designed our unique soundtracks with that goal in mind.


The sound of neonetica is inspired by electronic music and was deliberately composed to be short and repetitive. Our goal was to transmit a unique sound using a consistent set of identiable instruments – synthetizers, drums and the sound of the wind, as a complementary and supporting sound effect. We wanted to convey the feeling of “newness” and using the wind helped us to express that core feeling.

The beat does not change much precisely to make it more memorable somehow as the tempo follows 4 beats; neo-ne-ti-ca. We like how it sounds and its versatility is evident to us when we create collateral branding materials. It also goes well with our logo and, most importantly, it is a sound that is modern and strengthens the prefix we use in our company name: “neo” = “new”.

For us, this sound expresses the fast pace of technology and innovation and we think it has a beat that energizes you. We hope it also inspires you to take action to implement new technologies and apply innovation in your own online business!


The sound of 8 SISTEMAS follows some of the same characteristics. It is short and uses the sound of the wind as well. We used heavy drums to create a marching beat, a continuous synthetizer sound sequence, a unique electronic guitar sound, and quick snares in key areas of the soundtrack. The beat does not change much to keep it consistent with our main brand, but it is different enough to have a personality of its own.

We like how it sounds and how easily fit our branding needs as well as how it helps us define our creative direction as we listen to it during own design process – it prompts you to move your feet along with the “marching” beat! At least, that’s what happens to us when we listen to it and work on this project.

For us, it conveys “gradual and sequential learning” as it begins slow and increases in speed as time progresses – mimicking somehow the process of learning. The drum snare has a subtle meaning — “a new goal reached” during the learning process (a milestone). At the end, it ends with a fading and calm synthesizer sound.


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