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Empower business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs to define, build and support the infrastructure needed to make their online business a reality.


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Shape how small business, start-ups and entrepreneurs think and take action.


Help them define the direction of their business and its unique value.


Sharpen your knowledge, communication skills, and leadership abilities.


Learn with them and see how they build their own business and make decisions.


Connect with practitioners and digital business leaders in our global network.


Networking will define long-term connections that help you professionally.


Enjoy teaching online while you earn money for sharing your knowledge.


Create an additional source of income while you teach and also learn from others.

“67% of marketers think marketing has changed more in the past two years than the previous fifty, and less than half of digital marketers feel highly proficient in their field.” – Adobe Systems

Teach With Us!

“Teaching online at a global scale opens amazing opportunities for all!”

“Instructing at Neonetica has allowed me to meet leaders in development, learn from them and get inspired by the intensity of their ideas. These are the most committed students you can have the privilege of teaching.”
Germán Cadena
Executive Director, Neonetica.


We Are Dedicated To Our Network Community

We thrive on attracting committed business owners who are continuously innovating the way the do business in the Internet.

Building a solid and sound digital strategy is a major challenge for small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs. And to make matters worse, building a revenue-generating business presents even more challenges when we consider the technical aspects that need to be addressed — not only to make it work, but to make it work right. Imagine you can teach them how to do both ONLINE!

We believe that in order to help any small business or entrepreneur who joins our network, we must have a clear understanding of what is “our core mission” and “our promise” to every member of all the virtual communities we support. We believe we do. We live by the principles we have set for ourselves and we follow them in every project we work on. These are some of our core values…

Our mission is to help small business owners, startups and entrepreneurs create online marketplaces to market their products around the world. We achieve this by educating them on all aspects related to e-commerce and creating revenue-generating solutions for their specific products and services.
Microlearning is at the center of our philosophy. We help small businesses and entrepreneurs by providing them with small bursts of knowledge they can immediately apply to sustain their online business operations. With this philosophy in mind, we empower our network members to develop the skills they need to implement a successful digital strategy.
Our promise is to deliver results. We love what we do and we know how to do it well. When we don’t know how to arrive at a solution, we take a proactive approach to find the help we need among all of our strategic partners and collaborators around the world. In short, our promise to our network members is – timely delivery of the results they expect.
We follow advanced methodologies to manage projects and virtual teams from anywhere in the world. Using the latest communication technology, we are able to manage projects remotely — from initiation through execution. Also, we use methodologies used by the largest corporations in the United States and help any small business implement the same techniques to achieve faster and better results.

We Teach Virtually Anywhere!

We live in the cloud and support small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs located anywhere in the world.

video preview | a quick view of what we do

Why We Do It Virtually?

We found some good reasons.


We can teach subscribers from anywhere in the world and wherever they are


Instead of asking them to be physically present to get the training they need and want to attend.


We can reach subscribers and key resources at a global scale


We reduce travel expenses, hotel accommodations and other costs incurred when they need access to training.


We are able to reach subscribers and partners who are also mobile


By teaching what they need and when they need. Teach online at your own pace without having to travel.

We Provide Training Virtually Anywhere!

We can teach on-site, but we focus on delivering online training that is affordable for small businesses and can be quickly implemented.

video preview | on-site vs online learning

Teach On Your Desktop And Mobile Devices

We provide “small bursts of knowledge” that require short effort, operating expense and time consumption.

What Can You Deliver To Subscribers With Us?

  • Skills needed to plan, build and sustain their online business
  • Small learning units and short-term learning activities
  • Instructional content formatted for online and mobile learning
  • Fully responsive content so they can learn on any screen size
  • On-demand seminars, webinars, podcasts and nanocourses
  • Scheduled online events and small groups coaching sessions

Why We Embrace Microlearning

And why it works!


Accelerate your teaching on how to operate a digital business with short lectures


Design and create periodic micro lectures or “knowledge nuggets” that add value to a business.


Write, talk or record on video short lectures from any location and at any time


Help subscribers learn faster by sharing your knowledge with them through articles, podcasts and videos.


Apply strategies, tactics and techniques that support business operations


Put into practice what you teach and participate in implementation webinars to share further knowledge.

Microlearning Delivers Many Benefits!

Learn how microlearning can do for business owners.

video preview | microlearning benefits and how we help

What We Offer: Training, Coaching, Consulting And Support

We provide business owners what they need to implement a solid infrastructure for their online business. We equip them and their ideas with the knowledge necessary to build a digital business enabled by the power of the Internet.

We Transfer Valuable Knowledge

We transfer years of experience and “knowledge” encapsulated in structured microlectures to help them plan, build and sustain their online business.

Every aspect of our subscribers online learning experience has been designed with their needs and business goals in mind. Their time is valuable, and training is hard to squeeze in their schedule, even in the best of times. That is why we offer a wide variety of formats for their convenience.

From on-demand seminars, screencasts and courses that are always available to view or download from their computer … to group coaching sessions where they can network with others using robust interaction features, we have the format to meet their needs.

Instructor | On Demand Webinars

Online Seminars

We schedule webinars to evaluate and address specific topics. These seminars are recorded and made available to our network members as soon as the each session ends.

Instructor | Online Training

Micro Courses

We produce video recordings on specific topics related to the effective and efficient operation of an digital business. These videos are short and are released as episodes.

Instructor | Virtual Coaching

Group Coaching

We organize virtual coaching sessions for small groups so that participants have the opportunity to ask as many questions as they need in regards to their own ideas or business.

All Learning Formats Above Include These Features

  • Easy Registration & Signup

  • Unlimited Content Access

  • Top Quality Audio & Video

  • Top Notch Support Service

  • Support Materials & Tools

  • Support Forums & Groups

  • Optimized Content For Speed

  • Fast Online Content Delivery

  • Automatic Event Reminders

  • Sequential Content Releases

  • New Release Notifications

  • Online Session Recordings

What Would You Like To Teach?

Teach On Your Computer Screen!

Instructor | Online Training

In today’s fast and ultra-competitive online marketplace, there is absolutely no substitute for knowledge and skills. And this is what we offer — relevant knowledge and skills for our subscribers.

With our help, you’ll be able to deliver that knowledge and skills to anyone around the world, teach new skills, help them keep pace in a dynamic digital business landscape, and help them solve problems quickly with your expert training. On the other side, the skills you learn with us will help you become more effective, more motivated, and less stressed when teaching online.

Our Areas Of Expertise And Proficiency

Strategic Management | 85%
Business Intelligence | 98%
Market Research | 95%
Brand Development | 98%
Process Engineering | 97%
Project Management | 99%
Systems Integration | 89%
Multimedia Design | 83%
Web Development | 97%
Internet Marketing | 92%
Product Development | 88%
Data Analytics | 85%
Business Innovation | 98%

We Make It “Convenient”

Teach on you office, home or while you travel.

Teach Where Business Owners Are: Their Computer!

Instead of asking our subscribers to join us for training in specific on-site locations, we make it easy on them and deliver the skills they need wherever they are – their office, home or while they travel. We deliver short “bursts of knowledge” sessions right on their computer screen. After all, isn’t there where they work and build their digital business?

Help them be more productive and apply what you learn immediately. Reduce costs and time involved in delivering on-site training – such as transportation and hotel accommodations.


We Use Technology That Unlocks The Full Potential Of Microlearning

Like the video below, virtual learning may sound like science fiction — And we agree. However, thanks to technology, teaching with other business experts around the world is now a wonderful reality you can benefit from!

video preview | microlearning on your computer screen

We Help Our Network Members Overcome Challenges!

We care about our network members and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust by offering exceptional strategic consulting and professional coaching.

When I face strategic and technical challenges regarding my coaching business, I rely heavily on the solid advice from Neonetica and its community members. Running an online business, contrary to what some people may want you to believe, is not easy. However, when I need help and competent technical resources, the neonetica’s team is always there for me!
My business was just starting a few years ago and needed a lot of strategic advice on how to take my business online. Neonetica helps me to learn the crucial aspects of marketing my consulting business in the Internet. Every publication, every webinar and instructional videos help me to run my business effectively. I highly recommend joining this online business network.
Let me say something. You have an amazing webinar coaching program and amazing/awesome support. You even helped me on weekend when I needed help testing my site and developing a video marketing strategy. This is what I call an “extra mile” in customer relationship. Thank you for all the support!

Interested In Joining Us?

Keep on reading to learn more about how we can help you.

Join Our Online Community

We can think of many reasons why joining our community is the right decisions for you. However, more than reasons, we firmly believe we can provide you with real benefits and can deliver teaching opportunities that have a measurable impact in you personal goals.

When you join us you can benefit immediately as you will be able to:

  • Participate on strategic, tactical and technical workshop sessions.
  • Meet other instructors and learn from their experience.
  • Become part of a mastermind group run by industry experts.

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Germán Cadena
Germán Cadena
Executive Director, Neonetica
Teaches: Digital Business Models
Vinay Moorthy
Vinay Moorthy
Partner, Neonetica
Teaches: Keyword Research
Juan P. Gómez
Juan P. Gómez
Executive Director, Invierta Mejor
Teaches: Financial Investing
María J. Cadena
María J. Cadena
Partner, Neonetica
Teaches: Virtual Project Planning
Mauricio Duque
Mauricio Duque
Executive Director, Digitals2Go
Teaches: Conversion Funnels
Vilma Nuñez
Vilma Nuñez
Executive Director, Blonder
Teaches: Community Management
Frank Scipion
Frank Scipion
Executive Director, Lifestyle2
Teaches: Product Development
Rick Anderson
Rick Anderson
Executive Director, BYOB Website
Teaches: Innovative Web Tools
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