MasterCoach (ˈmɑːstəˌkōCH)

noun: “A person with exceptional skill in asking questions that unleash peoples knowledge, creativity, solutions and inner genius.”

“Master Coaches are incredibly intuitive and are able to clearly understand people’s needs and wants spontaneously! They also have life experience and empathy with people that they instinctively know where to start looking for answers to their questions.”

“Master Coaches we partner with have an impressive array of skills and generate amazing results from their clients. They can do everything by simply asking the right questions about the right things at the right time. They work on themselves daily and have impeccable integrity. They are master visualizers, master communicators and highly disciplined. Their personal and professional lives are in a constant state of improvement.
We believe these are coaches that can effectively help our community.”

Germán Cadena
Executive Director, Neonetica.

Master Coaches + Strategic Partners

We are like the elements of periodic table and we continue to attract coaches who bring the right chemistry to our community.

Germán Cadena
Germán Cadena
Executive Director, Neonetica
Teaches: Digital Business Models
Vinay Moorthy
Vinay Moorthy
Partner, Neonetica
Teaches: Keyword Research
Juan P. Gómez
Juan P. Gómez
Executive Director, Invierta Mejor
Teaches: Financial Investing
María J. Cadena
María J. Cadena
Partner, Neonetica
Teaches: Virtual Project Planning
Mauricio Duque
Mauricio Duque
Executive Director, Digitals2Go
Teaches: Conversion Funnels
Vilma Nuñez
Vilma Nuñez
Executive Director, Blonder
Teaches: Community Management
Frank Scipion
Frank Scipion
Executive Director, Lifestyle2
Teaches: Product Development
Rick Anderson
Rick Anderson
Executive Director, BYOB Website
Teaches: Innovative Web Tools
Mohi Khan
Mohi Khan
Executive Director | Move Up Inc.
Teaches: Strategic Management
Mark Hodges
Mark Hodges
Executive Director | Offimatica
Teaches: Office 365 Automation
Next Element
Next Element
Position | Company
Teaches: Knowledge Area
Next Element
Next Element
Position | Company
Teaches: Knowledge Area

Different from most services of similar description, we actually provide true one-on-one coaching service on strategic planning coupled with tactical implementation; all of it has the foundation of sound business practices. When you choose our business coaching service, you work with us, not a computer. What you get is simply great service from well qualified business coaches.

Our coaching process delivers to you much more than you just reading a book or completing an online exercise.

Our value is felt each and every time you meet with us.

1-Hour Master Coaching Sessions

that support your specific business needs.

How It Works


You Need Help With


and identify the topic you need to cover and discuss the most.


With The Right Expertise


to meet and discuss with a coach the topic you want to address.


From Any Location


with a coach online from your office, home or while you travel.

Select Topics Related To Any Of These Areas

They can include strategies, tactics and techniques.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Market Research
  • Strategic Management
  • Brand Development
  • Process Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Multimedia Design
  • Web Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Internet Marketing
  • Data Analytics
  • Business Innovation
Master Coach | Virtual Coaching

Questions And Answers

For a ONE-TIME payment of $250, you will be able to schedule a one hour coaching session with one of our qualified coaches. If you sign up for monthly coaching, you will receive a $100 discount on each coaching session per month. You will be charged $150 each month and you can cancel at anytime for any reason.
You can cancel at anytime for any reason. You will be charged each month while signed up for our master coaching program. Each session is purchased for the month and does not roll over to the next month.
We work with committed organizations and individuals. This includes, small to medium size companies, small business owners, entrepreneurs, startups, humanitarian nonprofits, social enterprises, religious organizations, and corporate social responsibility initiatives.
We know everyone is looking for the secret sauce. So far, the secret sauce we have found is hard work. We have captured best practices of years of working with small and large companies, and translated them into structured online coaching sessions for your company or business. If you apply time and energy to learning and applying the principles taught in these sessions, you will see results.
Each month, you will select from a topic which will allow our team to match you with the right coach.
You will receive a link to the coach’s calendar and be able to schedule from available times that work with your schedule. The majority of our coaches are available from 10:00am to 10:00pm EST.
We have several coaches. If you do not find your ideal connection with a coach, we will select another coach for future sessions.
Our coaches are not certified counselors, they are professionals in the information technology, management, marketing, communications and many other industries. Though sometimes, their advice can feel like business counseling.

Learn With A Master Coach

Get empowered by real professionals to define, build and support the infrastructure needed to make your online business a reality.

Learn When You Want

Learn As Much As You Want

1 HR
4 HR
8 HR

Let A Coach Help You


Learn how take action for your business, start-up and entrepreneurship.


Learn how to define the direction of your business and its unique value proposition.


Sharpen your knowledge, communication skills, and leadership abilities.


Get a coach and see how they build their own business and make strategic decisions.


Connect with practitioners and digital business leaders in our global network.


Networking will define long-term connections that help you professionally.

Learn On Your Desktop And Mobile Devices

We provide “small bursts of knowledge” that require short effort, operating expense and time consumption.

What We Deliver To You?

  • Skills needed to plan, build and sustain your online business
  • Small learning units and short-term learning activities
  • Instructional content formatted for online and mobile learning
  • Fully responsive content so you can learn on any screen size
  • On-demand seminars, webinars, podcasts and nanocourses
  • Scheduled online events and small groups coaching sessions

What We Offer: Master Coaching, Consulting And Support

We provide business owners what they need to implement a solid infrastructure for their online business. We equip them and their ideas with the knowledge necessary to gradually build a business enabled by the power of the Internet.

What Do You Need To Master?

Learn On Your Computer Screen!

Master Coach | Neonetica

In today’s fast and ultra-competitive online marketplace, there is absolutely no substitute for knowledge and skills. And this is what we offer — relevant knowledge and skills when you join us.

With a our help, you’ll be able to get that knowledge and skills from master coaches around the world, learn new skills, keep pace in a dynamic digital business landscape, and solve problems quickly with expert coaching. The skills you learn with us will help you become more effective, more motivated, and less stressed when running an online business.

Our Areas Of Expertise And Proficiency

Strategic Management | 85%
Business Intelligence | 98%
Market Research | 95%
Brand Development | 98%
Process Engineering | 97%
Project Management | 99%
Systems Integration | 89%
Multimedia Design | 83%
Web Development | 97%
Internet Marketing | 92%
Product Development | 88%
Data Analytics | 85%
Business Innovation | 98%

We Make It “Convenient”

Learn on you office, home or while you travel.

Learn Where Your Business Is: Your Computer!

Instead of asking you to join us for training in specific on-site locations, we make it easy on you and deliver the skills you need wherever you are – your office, home or while you travel. We deliver short “bursts of knowledge” sessions right on your computer screen. After all, isn’t there where you work and build your digital business?

Be more productive and apply what you learn immediately. Reduce costs and time involved in attending on-site training – such as transportation and hotel accommodations.


Interested In Joining Us?

Keep on reading to learn more about how we can help you.

Join Our Online Community

We can think of many reasons why joining our community is the right decisions for you. However, more than reasons, we firmly believe we can provide you with real benefits and can deliver skills that have a measurable impact in your business.

When you join us you can benefit immediately as you will be able to:

  • Participate on strategic, tactical and technical workshop sessions.
  • Meet other business owners and learn from their experience.
  • Become part of a mastermind group run by industry experts.

Neonetica maintains a strong network of professional and seasoned trainers and speakers who will always provide an engaging learning experience for you and your team. Our goal is to ensure you keep moving forward and continue to build
your digital business.

Recognized as industry experts in many fields, our trainers deliver highly interactive sessions that incorporate small-group exercises, self-assessment, imagery, role playing, and the latest learning techniques to imprint knowledge for lasting results. No matter what style you are looking for, we have the trainer with the business experience and approach that will connect with
your team.

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Neonetica is an online community that transforms thinkers into creators and creators into successful entrepreneurs through education in technology, business and design anywhere in the world. We are creating a global community of individuals empowered to pursue work they love, by offering immersive programs, short courses, online classes and workshops on the most relevant skills for digital businesses – from web development and user experience design, to business fundamentals, to data science, to project management and digital marketing.