Masterclass (ˈmɑːstəˌklɑːs)

noun:  (Education) “A session of tuition by an expert, for exceptional students, usually given in public or on television.”

e-Framework | Systems-Driven Digital Business Model

With over 2,000+ sign-ups already and counting, e-framework is your complete and trusted road map to take your business to the cloud.

Masterclass | On Demand Training


  • Content is released in stages as episodes or microchapters
  • Unlimited release of content full of strategies, tactics & techniques
  • HD audio & video for each microchapter explaining key concepts
  • Tactical resources to help you develop unique digital strategies
  • Business model frameworks to build your “system-driven” business
  • Process diagrams to learn how all your systems must  work together
  • Access to proven experts to test your digital business ideas

“…a conceptual structure designed to support the building of a business idea…”

“e-Framework is a conceptual structure designed to support the building of a business idea that expands the structure into a real digital business. It is a framework indicating how systems can or should be built and how they would interrelate to ultimately make the business work.” – Germán Cadena

What Does This Masterclass Include?

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Who Can Benefit From All This?

Truly committed small businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups of anyone running a home-based business who are continuously innovating the way the do business in the Internet.

Masterclass | On Ddemand Training


  • Selling knowledge and experience on the Internet
  • Creating information-based digital products
  • Getting the support to design a digital marketing strategy
  • Integrating and using the latest e-commerce platforms
  • Creating virtual stores, video blogs an e-learning sites
  • Learning how to create highly effective social media content
  • Learning how to market products using affiliate marketing
  • Marketing our digital products and services as a franchise


Give Us Some Time To Explain Well How We Can Help You

And Your Digital Business.

Bear With Us. We Have A Lot To Share With You.

We Hope You Find It Useful.

How Will We Teach You?

Let us be specific how. We think you will like the details.

You Will Learn From Any Device

Easy, mobile and unlimited online access to our site and content. Connect at any time and from any device of your choice to learn at your own pace and when is convenient for you.

Scheduled Webinars + Workshops

We organize and schedule online seminars not only to showcase new technologies that can help your digital business, but also to implement and test their true capabilities!

On-Demand Micro Chapters

When you join us, you receive all micro chapters we publish. We produce micro chapters based on the needs of our community and feedback we receive to ensure we produce valuable content.

Action Learning

We teach you by holding accountable for actions you need to take to make your digital business grow. We follow up with you in any device you use. Mobile or Desktop or Tablets.

Classes + Masterclasses

We organize specific classes and masterclasses at times that are convenient to our network members. We schedule sessions based on the best time for them to join us online.

Online Masterminds

We organized mastermind groups so that our network members can meet with master coaches and experts, as well as other other business owners and entrepreneurs.

We know you will enjoy working with us instead of building your digital business alone. Don't hesitate to bounce ideas with us when you feel you need a second opinion! We are here to help you.

Let’s Talk About Some Important Concepts, First!

Let’s Begin With Some Definitions

Microlearning,  Masterclasses and Masterminds.

Microlearning (micro + learning)

“Related to relatively small learning units and short-term learning activities. It focuses on and refers to micro-perspectives in the context of learning, education and training.”

  • A process of “short” learning activities in small time frames
  • A transition from common models of learning to micro perspectives
  • Used in the area of e-learning and now a reality for knowledge workers

Masterclass (ˈmɑːstəˌklɑːs)

“In education, a session of tuition by an expert for exceptional students, usually given in public or on television.”

  • A seminar for advanced music students conducted by a master
  • A lesson for advanced students given by someone who is an expert
  • A class, given by an expert to highly talented students

Mastermind (ˈmastərˌmīnd)

A person who originates or is primarily responsible for the execution of a particular idea, project.”

  • A person with an outstanding intellect
  • A person who plans and directs (an ingenious and complex enterprise)
  • To plan and direct (a complex project or activity), especially skillfully

Action Learning (Action + Learning)

“An approach to solve real problems that involves taking action and reflecting upon the results. It helps improve the problem-solving process and the solutions a team develops. “

  • It focuses on a real problem that is important, critical, and complex 
  • It Includes a process that promotes curiosity, inquiry, and reflection
  • Requires commitment to learn and that talk be converted into action

The Reason Why These Terms Are Important

L = P + (A) + Q + R!

Click the images below to see what this formula means.

Here Is How We Use Them

Microlearning, Action Learning, Masterclasses and Masterminds are the core of what we do. We believe in the L = P + Q + R formula and use the concept of action learning as well.

You Can Learn Efficiently

In this diagram we merged the microlearning timeline with a famous quote from Confucius. It clearly shows the advantage of taking action so you learn more effectively.

How We Release Our Workshops

We follow the requirements stipulated in the action learning theory to ensure we maintain a consistent approach when we deliver our workshops to our online community.

Now You Know More About How We Teach.

Let’s Focus Now On What We Teach.

Learn How To Create Unique Business Models

Business modelling techniques developed by Alex Osterwalder (BM Canvas) and Ash Maurya (Lean Canvas) inspired us to develop a “systems-driven” model specifically for digital businesses. We call it E-framework.

Masterclass | Business Model Canvas

BM Canvas | Alex Osterwalder

Masterclass | Lean Canvas

Lean Canvas | Ash Maurya

Masterclass | e-Framework

E-Framework | Germán Cadena

Masterclass | e-Framework

System-Driven Model


Get The Knowledge You Need!

We provide what you need to implement a solid infrastructure for your online business. We equip you and your ideas with the knowledge necessary to gradually build a digital business enabled by the power of the Internet.

Acquire Valuable Skills

Running a digital business requires specific technical skills and we truly empower you to acquire that knowledge.


Implement The Systems Framework We Use

Learn how these 8 systems can make your business work.


Make It Wisely


Learn how to identify opportunities and develop a course of actions to guide your business operations.


Make It Focused


Get to know your target market by using specific tools to identify new opportunities and business ideas.


Make It Profitable


Acquire skills to control financial and legal aspects of your business that will ultimately make it profitable.


Make It Organized


Learn project management techniques to help you take actions in a sequential and organized way.


Make It Effective


Learn how to execute your marketing strategy to promote your business using modern advertising channels.


Make It Popular


Learn how to configure your conversion process to accept sales online and automate its operations effectively.


Make It Efficient


Learn how to create your products efficiently using tools and processes that will increase your productivity.


Make It Last


Learn how to use technology to help you innovate your business and improve how you run its daily operations.

Improve Your Skills To Support Your Business

Learn something new in many different areas.

Strategic Management | 47%
Business Intelligence | 73%
Market Research | 88%
Brand Development | 85%
Process Engineering | 50%
Project Management | 61%
Multimedia Design | 75%
Internet Marketing | 83%
Web Development | 90%
Product Development | 76%
Data Analytics | 46%
Business Innovation | 66%

Learn On Your Desktop And Mobile Devices

We provide you with small bursts of knowledge that require short effort, operating expense and time consumption.

What Can You Expect From Us?

  • Skills needed to plan, build and sustain your online business
  • Small learning units and short-term learning activities
  • Instructional content formatted for online and mobile learning
  • Fully responsive content so you can learn on any screen size
  • Microchapters, podcasts, on-demand seminars and webinars
  • Scheduled online events and small groups coaching sessions

Benefits Of Our Microchapters

  • Quick: Speed up your learning with bite-sized episodes
  • Versatile: Read, listen or watch them from any device
  • Practical: Learn and apply what you learn right away
  • Cost Efficient: Learn new skills at an affordable cost
  • Easy access: Access content 24 x 7 from any location
  • Mobile ready: Access chapters on your mobile phone

Learn On Any Mobile Device

How Will We Release Content?

We will do it the same way software is released.  In incremental steps!

We Publish One Chapter At A Time!

And Release Chapters As Episodes

Masterclass | On Demand Training


In each episode, we will focus to 3 short topics and list them like this:

  • Topic #1
  • Topic #2
  • Topic #3

We will create content based on feedback we receive from our network members so that we publish content that is relevant to our community.

A digital business landscape changes so fast that this approach will not only help us produce content faster, but also create content with higher relevance to a modern digital business.

Sample Tool

  • For each chapter, we will include any bonuses available to our members.
  • These bonuses can be tools, resources or services they can readily use.
  • Bonuses can also include any offers provided by partners and affiliates.

Sample Chapter

  • Each chapter follows a standard content structure for ease of reading.
  • At the end of each chapter or episode, we include an action plan, and
  • Also a list of recommended resources we use for our digital business.
If you want to receive new chapters OR tools we create, just download the sample you are most interested in and you will be added to one of our subscription lists. However, if you want to receive BOTH, new chapters AND tools, then download both samples. That way, we can deliver relevant content based on your interests.

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After Our Pre-Launch Phase, These Will Be Our Subscription Plans.

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  • (10) 1-HR Sessions
  • Premium Content
  • Both Editions 1 + 2
  • Guides + Tools
  • 1 Site Hosting
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  • (5) 1-HR Sessions
  • Premium Content
  • Both Editions 1 + 2
  • Guides + Tools
  • 1 Site Hosting
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  • (3) 1-HR Sessions
  • Premium Content
  • Both Editions 1 + 2
  • Guides
  • No Hosting
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  • (1) 1-HR Sessions
  • Free Content
  • Only Edition 1
  • Guides
  • No Hosting
  • 15% Discount*

* Discount applies to all products and services except Membership Plans.

Masterclass | On Demand Training

Questions And Answers

The only difference is that in Edition 2, we go over very advanced and technical topics and we focus heavily on implementation and integration of the system you need to run a digital business. All plans have access to both editions, except the FREE subscription, which only has access to Edition 1.
Guides are short documents containing quick steps to help you. Tools are more sophisticated documents or source files that you can use to operate your digital business. They are proven and tested tools what we use to run our own business.
Yes. We are operate our own websites network and host sites for our community members. When you sign up for a MASTER or PRO subscription, we include website hosting with your membership. We think this is a great benefit for our community members.
As soon as you subscribe to a plan, you will be sent an email with a link to pay online and lock in your session. You can pay via credit card or PayPal. Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a link to access the online session on the scheduled date. Don’t worry, if for some reason you cannot attend, the scheduled date is not convenient or something prevents you from participating. Soon after the session is complete, your will receive a high-quality video recording as well as any guides, tools and documents used during the entire training session.

NOTE: Our free plan goes thru the same process but does not charge you anything during checkout.

Once the session is complete you receive a video recording with all the information covered so that you can review it in case you missed any important details. For each session, you also get a quick action plan with recommended steps to help you apply and test what you have learned.
We know everyone is looking for the secret sauce. So far, the secret sauce we have found is hard work. We have captured best practices of years of working with small and large businesses and translated them into online masterclasses for your business. If you invest time and energy to learning and applying the concepts taught in our webcasts, webinars and workshops, you will see results.
Whenever you want! Our methodology is based on the concept of microlearning which allows you to learn in short steps to gradually build and master the skills you need. The key aspect of learning by consuming “small bursts of knowledge” is that you can do it connected for any device from any location and at any time that is convenient for you.

Do you have any other questions or need more information?

Please, get in touch with us. We will be glad to provide you more details.

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Top Benefits

Additional Benefits

Unlimited Mobile Access

Easy, mobile and unlimited online access to our site and content. Connect at any time and from any device of your choice to learn at your own pace and when is convenient for you.

Workshop Sessions

We organize and schedule online webinars not only to showcase new technologies that can help your digital business, but also to implement and test their true capabilities!

Event Discounts

When you join us, you receive big discounts for scheduled workshops and online sessions. Also, you receive preferential discounts on our mastermind group’s activities.

We know you will enjoy working with us instead of building your digital business alone. Don't hesitate to bounce ideas with us when you feel you need a second opinion! See other ways we can help you...

Need More Reasons To Join?

We run a digital business and practice what we preach!

Masterclass | Learn from our own experience.

We’ve put a lot of thought and care into making content that is user-friendly, and continue to improve our user interface. We know you will enjoy our site as much as we do. It offers many options as to how to consume content that is relevant to your online business.

  • Response And Fluid Design
  • Retina Ready For HD Resolution
  • Touch Enabled Sliders

What else? We have the technical knowledge!

Our website and network  is loaded with quality content and visited by experienced professionals that help small businesses and entrepreneurs to quickly and easily create their online presence. But that’s not all, when you join us, rest assure that you will also get fast and reliable online support!

  • Learn from experienced information technology professionals
  • Let us provide you with the technical know-how you need
  • Lean on our community when you have doubts and need advice

More? We do many things to help you!

  • Webinars to help you with any questions related to your business
  • Strategic and tactical seminars to help you plan and strategize
  • Technical seminars to help you implement the right solutions
  • Coaching when you need help to keep your business growing
  • Online support sessions to help your projects move forward
  • Support thru remote connectivity to help you fix any problem

Network Community Reviews

We are fully dedicated to our community members. When you join us, we’ll be there to support you. Review what some of our network members are saying!

“My business and skills have grown exponentially”

“I am a entrepreneur, and this community has empowered me with the skills to take my digital business in a new direction.” – Vinay Moorthy

I joined the network community so that I learn what I need to conduct specific Internet marketing campaigns for my Interior Design business. There were many challenges I could not resolve, but learning and interacting with other business owners helped me acquire the strategic skills I needed to move my business forward. Also, I find it very convenient to learn while I am at my office or at home.
I’ve run into a lot obstacles in my new digital business. There are so many aspects of running an online business that I did not know until I joined neonetica’s online workshops. I truly learn a lot during these seminars and like the fact that I am held accountable for applying what I have learned. This is very valuable, as it keeps me focused on what I need to be doing. I highly recommend joining this online network for small business and entrepreneurs.
Let me say something. You have an amazing online training program and I always look forward to connect to your scheduled events, learn and start implementing the topics covered during the working sessions. Also, I like the fact that we can ask questions and learn what other network members are doing or having problems with. This is valuable to me – it helps me to avoid making mistakes. Very pleased about been part of this community.
If I could give 100 stars for support and attention to detail I definitely would. I’ve followed self-proclaimed “experts” but Neonetica goes beyond my expectations. Excellent support! — and that’s what I need for my online business. They guide me, advice and recommend the best (and proven) tools and I always find the correct solution. I trust their experience and knowledge and their attention to detail. The speed of support is quite phenomenal. You will be extremely pleased.
Michael Giles, Dream Body Gear
I joined neonetica’s network as a member and I was amazed at the growth of my skills. Within my first year, I found my knowledge had increased exponentially and my productivity, as well as my speed of implementation, had literally doubled, if not more. I found the online seminars so valuable to my online business (which targets local markets in India) that now I’ve joined neonetica’s virtual team network to become more involved in this virtual community. I look forward to continue to learn as fast as I have so far!
Vinay, Mitvin

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Projects And Prototypes

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Make It Wisely


Defining strategies, tactics and techniques you will use is critical to get results.


Make It Yourself


Apply what we teach you. A great option, if you enjoy doing it on your own.


Make It With Help


Sometimes is better to seek help when you are stuck. We can guide your efforts.


Make It Last


We help you reach your goals and sustain your business performance.


Make It Beautiful


Creating a beautiful brand demands significant effort and we can help.


Make It Quick


Any business needs support to move forward. We find solutions for you.

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