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Neonetica’s vision is to become a major information resource for business owners and entrepreneurs. This vision includes a long-term strategy to create a virtual hub where they can tap into the resources they need to growth their online enterprises. We envision Neonetica as a network of interconnected virtual communities where their members can learn new concepts, test ideas, prototype solutions, launch products/services to the Internet and gain experience on running an online business. All of this, supported by a worldwide community comprised of seasoned and experienced consultants, stratategists, coaches and trainers who are also business owners themselves.
Our mission is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs to create online marketplaces to promote and sell their products and services around the world. We acheive this by educating them on all aspects related to creating revenue-generating solutions for their specific products and services.
Neonetica’s philosophy is focused on helping our network members by empowering them to quickly acquire the knowledge they need to sustain their online operations. With this philosophy in mind, we use microlearning technology to help our community grow and quickly develop the skills they need to implement a successful digital strategy for their own businesses.
Our promise is to deliver results. Plain and simply. We love what we do, and we know how to do it well. When we don’t know how to arrive at a solution, we take a proactive approach to find the help we need, among all of our strategic partners and collaborators around the world. In short, our promise to our network members is – timely delivery of the results they expect.
We follow advanced project management methodologies to ensure results are delivered on time and under budget. We can manage a project from initiation through execution from anywhere in the world and deliver what our network members have in mind. We use our own methodology and others used by the largest corporations in the United States to help small business implement the same techniques to achieve faster and better results.
We breath technology as it is essential for the life of our own business operations. Competitive advantage depends on innovation and the biggest driver of innovation today is Information Technology. Reinforced by this fact, we are fully comitted to stay current with the latest technology and continuously improve our technology expertise so that we can share that knowledge with our network members.
We believe in the value of clearly defined processes and the competitive advantage any business can realize by defining, measuring, analyzing, improving and controlling all of its process-related activities. We help our network members to evaluate their operations and take a data-driven improvement initiatives used for improving, optimizing and stabilizing business processes and designs.
Quality is what guides every activity we do. We develop high quality deliverables by following leading-edge technologies and proven methodologies. We use a formal approach to the analysis of performance of an online business and apply a systematic effort to improve it. We believe in Six Sigma (DMAIC) as a quality improvement model and we apply its tools and techniques to our daily operations. We are continuously improving every aspect of our business and the businesses of our network members and partners.
We truly believe in digital innovation – the application of digital tools and infrastructure to the challenge of offering customers enhanced or unique value (better benefits, costs, convenience, etc.). Endless opportunities exists at this moment in time due to a profund transformation in business and society as companies and people learn how to take advantage of the new digital tools, such as mobile and social networks. We believe small businesses and entrepreneurs can certainly find a competitive advantage by using a number of digital tools from a variety of available solutions. However, we think the challenge has more to do with organizational cultures and business model innovation better enabled and empowered by digital tools, than anything else. In other words, we believe its more of a “people problem” and a “paradigm shift” than a technological one. Based on this, we help our network members to embrace positive changes in their mindset and continuously evaluate their current business model.

What We Do

Business Intelligence | 98%
Market Research | 95%
Strategic Management | 85%
Brand Development | 98%
Process Engineering | 97%
Project Management | 99%
Multimedia Design | 83%
Web Development | 97%
Systems Integration | 89%
Internet Marketing | 89%
Data Analytics | 99%
Business Innovation | 91%

What We Offer


Make It Wisely


Defining strategies, tactics and techniques you will use is critical to get results.


Make It Yourself


Apply what we teach you. A great option, if you enjoy doing it on your own.


Make It With Help


Sometimes is better to seek help when you are stuck. We can guide your efforts.


Make It Last


We help you to reach your goals and sustain your business performance.


Make It Beautiful


Creating a beautiful brand demands significant effort and we can help you.


Make It Quick


Like with any business, you need support to move forward. We find solutions for you.

How We Work

We work using a Distributed Workforce Model and we do it from anywhere in the world. We are mobile and adaptable. We work remotely using the latest technology to strategically manage our projects with the support of highly skilled professionals assigned to specific virtual teams based on their dexterity and competency. We know our virtual teams can get the job done – and done quickly.

By adopting this model, we are able to offer our network members substantial savings as we eliminate non-value added overhead costs such as: travelling, hardware, software, office equipment and other expenses related to having a qualified information systems team available to tackle your projects.

Give us a try and you will see the difference we can make!

How We Look

How We Sound

The sound of neonetica is inspired by electronic music and was composed intentionally to be short using a consistent set of instruments – synthetizers, drums and “the wind” as a complementary supporting sound. The soundtrack beat does not change much precisely to make it more memorable, somehow.

We like how it sounds and its versatility when we use it to create collateral branding materials.  It also goes well with our logo and, most importantly, it is a sound that is modern and strengthens our brand. For us, it expresses the fast pace of technology and innovation and we think it has a beat that truly energizes you. We hope it also inspires you to take action to implement new technologies and apply innovation in your own online business!

What We Develop

Planning On Building A Business?

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