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Looking for experienced and profesional help?

We DO NOT inflate your hopes and dreams. We just implement real solutions.

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Unlimited Mobile Access

Easy, mobile and unlimited online access to our site and content. Connect at any time and from any device of your choice to learn at your own pace and when is convenient for you.

Workshop Sessions

We organize and schedule online webinars not only to showcase new technologies that can help your digital business, but also to implement and test their true capabilities!

Event Discounts

When you join us, you receive big discounts for scheduled workshops and online sessions. Also, you receive preferential discounts on our mastermind group’s activities.

We know you will enjoy working with us instead of building your digital business alone. Don't hesitate to bounce ideas with us when you feel you need a second opinion! We are here to help you!

Mobile Learning And Virtual Teams!

Increase Your Productivity Working With Virtual Teams Worldwide.

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Need More Reasons To Join?

We run a digital business and practice what we preach!

Masterclass | Learn from our own experience.

We’ve put a lot of thought and care into making content that is user-friendly, and continue to improve our user interface. We know you will enjoy our site as much as we do. It offers many options as to how to consume content that is relevant to your online business.

  • Response And Fluid Design
  • Retina Ready For HD Resolution
  • Touch Enabled Sliders

What else? We have the technical knowledge!

Our website and network  is loaded with quality content and visited by experienced professionals that help small businesses and entrepreneurs to quickly and easily create their online presence. But that’s not all, when you join us, rest assure that you will also get fast and reliable online support!

  • Learn from experienced information technology professionals
  • Let us provide you with the technical know-how you need
  • Lean on our community when you have doubts and need advice

More? We do many things to help you!

  • Webinars to help you with any questions related to your business
  • Strategic and tactical seminars to help you plan and strategize
  • Technical seminars to help you implement the right solutions
  • Coaching when you need help to keep your business growing
  • Online support sessions to help your projects move forward
  • Support thru remote connectivity to help you fix any problem

We Help You In Many, Many Different Ways!

We provide what you need to implement a solid infrastructure for your online business. We equip you and your ideas with the knowledge necessary to gradually build a digital business enabled by the power of the Internet.

We Help You Get Valuable Knowledge

We transfer years of experience and “knowledge” encapsulated in structured microlectures to help you plan, build and sustain your online businesses.

Why Join | On-Demand Webinars

Online Seminars

We schedule webinars to address specific topics in more detailed. These webinars are recorded and made available to our network members as soon as the each session ends.

Why Join | Online Training

Screencasts + Short Courses

We produce video recordings on specific topics related to the effective and efficient operation of an digital business. These videos are short and are released as episodes.

Why Join | Live Webinars

Group Coaching

We organize virtual coaching sessions for small groups so that participants have the opportunity to ask as many questions as they need in regards to their own ideas or business.


We Help You Get Valuable Skills

Running a digital business requires specific technical skills and we truly empower you to acquire that knowledge.


We Help You Implement Systems We Use

Learn and implement the 8 systems we use in our own digital business.


Make It Wisely


Learn how to identify opportunities and develop a course of actions to guide your business operations.


Make It Focused


Get to know your target market by using specific tools to identify new opportunities and business ideas.


Make It Profitable


Acquire the skills to control the financial and legal aspects of your business that will ultimately make it profitable.


Make It Organized


Learn project management techniques to help you take actions in a sequential and organized way.


Make It Popular


Learn how to execute your marketing strategy to promote your business using modern advertising channels.


Make It Effective


Learn how to configure your conversion process to accept sales online and automate its operations effectively.


Make It Efficient


Learn how to create your products efficiently using tools and processes that will increase your productivity.


Make It Last


Learn how to use technology to help you innovate your business and improve how you run its daily operations.
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We Help You To Easily Consume Our Experience

At your own pace and when you need it.

Sequential Delivery

As the name implies, the transfer of knowledge in this format is organized in a pre-defined sequence. We produce content as a series of episodes that, together as a unit, become a short course, or as we call it - a nanocourse.
Both formats are produced one episode at a time based on our network member needs and feedback.


Pre-Recorded Sessions.


Sign-up to our “Quick Tips” mailing list and you will receive video recordings that help you on specific topics related to running an online business. These are short videos.


Short courses on specific topics.


Instead of spending too much time learning on a big topic, you can learn small bits and pieces and apply what you learn before moving to the next topic of your interest.

On-Demand Delivery

In this type of delivery format, we get a request from our network members to address a specific topic for which we schedule a webinar, or web seminar.
During these online workshops, we address topics of interest to any digital business. However, if private sessions are needed, then we conduct individual coaching, when requested.


Scheduled Online Wokshops


Register to our on-demand webinars and online sessions to speed up your learning progress. You can attend these seminars and interact with our teams on real time.


Private Online Support


These on-demand coaching sessions help you to address any challenges you may be facing in your business. These sessions are scheduled and require time commitment.

We Follow A Simple Approach

We use a 3-step approach to help you to stay “focused” on resolving one issue at a time.

By doing so, you can:

  • Fully focus on the most pressing issue
  • Learn quickly and retain information better
  • Implement the solution you need faster
SELECT A TOPIC. Before you begin, choose a topic you need help with. Evaluate what your business needs and identify what you should learn the most. By doing this, you will “focus” on a specific challenge and we will find a solution faster.
BOOK A TIME. Once you know the topic you need to address, you can book a coach with the right expertise. Reserve the time to meet and discuss with a coach the topic you believe will have a direct impact on your digital business.
MEET ONLINE. Once you have booked your time, you can prepare for your online session. At the time you reserved, you can then meet online from any location and collaborate with one of our coaches from your home, office or while you travel.

We Help You In Many Areas!

We are continuously learning and we share this knowledge with you.

Strategic Management | 85%
Business Intelligence | 98%
Market Research | 95%
Brand Development | 98%
Process Engineering | 97%
Project Management | 99%
Multimedia Design | 83%
Web Development | 97%
Internet Marketing | 92%
Product Development | 88%
Data Analytics | 85%
Business Innovation | 98%

We Help You With Flexible Options

We provide membership options you can adjust to as your business grows.

Why Join | Free Plan
Why Join | Pro Plan
Why Join | Elite Plan
Why Join | Master Plan

We Help You Create Unique Business Models

Business modelling techniques developed by Alex Osterwalder (BM Canvas) and Ash Maurya (Lean Canvas) inspired us to develop a “systems-driven” model specifically for digital businesses. We call it E-framework.

Why Join | Business Model Canvas

BM Canvas | Alex Osterwalder

Why Join | Lean Canvas

Lean Canvas | Ash Maurya

Why Join | e-Framework

E-Framework | Germán Cadena

Why Join | e-Framework

System-Driven Model


We can help you develop a long-term strategic direction for your business!

How? By helping you define the correct business model and infrastructure you will need.

We Help You Design Your Business Processes

Processes are the backbone of any business. Use proven business process modelling techniques to ensure they are solid.


Are your business processes working right?

Talk to us to see where we can help.

We Help You Develop Your Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

Before investing time and resources to build your business entirely, we help you build a prototype to test your ideas first.


Do you need help building a prototype?

We can help you test you business ideas.

We Help Innovate And Renovate Your Business.

Your digital business evolves constantly as new technology becomes available. We stay on top of technology innovations that have a direct impact in our own digital business. We help you by sharing this knowledge with you.


Mobile Learning | 80%
Live Broadcasting | 72%
Online Seminars | 85%


Online Training
Online Seminars
Mobile Learning





Do you need to innovate or renovate your business?

Let's talk. We can share with you what we know and do.

Network Community Reviews

We are fully dedicated to our community members. When you join us, we’ll be there to support you. Review what some of our network members are saying!

“My business and skills have grown exponentially”

“I am a entrepreneur, and this community has empowered me with the skills to take my digital business in a new direction.” – Vinay Moorthy

I joined the network community so that I learn what I need to conduct specific Internet marketing campaigns for my Interior Design business. There were many challenges I could not resolve, but learning and interacting with other business owners helped me acquire the strategic skills I needed to move my business forward. Also, I find it very convenient to learn while I am at my office or at home.
I’ve run into a lot obstacles in my new digital business. There are so many aspects of running an online business that I did not know until I joined neonetica’s online workshops. I truly learn a lot during these seminars and like the fact that I am held accountable for applying what I have learned. This is very valuable, as it keeps me focused on what I need to be doing. I highly recommend joining this online network for small business and entrepreneurs.
Let me say something. You have an amazing online training program and I always look forward to connect to your scheduled events, learn and start implementing the topics covered during the working sessions. Also, I like the fact that we can ask questions and learn what other network members are doing or having problems with. This is valuable to me – it helps me to avoid making mistakes. Very pleased about been part of this community.
If I could give 100 stars for support and attention to detail I definitely would. I’ve followed self-proclaimed “experts” but Neonetica goes beyond my expectations. Excellent support! — and that’s what I need for my online business. They guide me, advice and recommend the best (and proven) tools and I always find the correct solution. I trust their experience and knowledge and their attention to detail. The speed of support is quite phenomenal. You will be extremely pleased.
Michael Giles, Dream Body Fit
I joined neonetica’s network as a member and I was amazed at the growth of my skills. Within my first year, I found my knowledge had increased exponentially and my productivity, as well as my speed of implementation, had literally doubled, if not more. I found the online seminars so valuable to my online business (which targets local markets in India) that now I’ve joined neonetica’s virtual team network to become more involved in this virtual community. I look forward to continue to learn as fast as I have so far!
Vinay, Mitvin

Need More Information?

Explore other areas of our site to learn more about what we do.

Projects And Prototypes

What we develop for our own brands and members of our community.


Publications And Events

Latest updates from our blog, publications and scheduled events.

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  • webcast screencast

On-Demand Webinar | Screencasts – Videos to promote your business

There are many people interested in selling products and services in the Internet, but they don’t know what to do to c […]

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Latest Online Events

Our community members receive advanced notices about our latest events so that they can plan ahead and register for online seminars, workshops and masterminds.

We prepare these working sessions based on the feedback we get from our community so that we can help as many members as possible. Our goal is to be “agile” in organizing online events to provide solutions quickly and efficiently.

Every online event we schedule is a results-driven event which means that you are able to implement right away what you learn.

Give it a try! Sign-Up for any the online events we organize and see how we can help you.


We Are We Located?

We are a mobile workforce but have a physical address too.

NEONETICA LLC Operates From Strategic Locations Around The World!

We are flexible, adaptable and mobile. We live in the cloud and operate virtually from anywhere in the world. Not sure how we work? Join our community and see how we can help your business.

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